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Winter Skin Care Tips from Serenity Suite NYC

Going into dry, heated buildings and then out into the dry cold weather in the Winter robs your skin of moisture, and makes you look older. No one wants to look older than they are, so why let Winter do a number on your skin? Serenity Suite NYC Winter Skin Care Tips: Our licensed professional […]

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This relaxing facial begins with a consultation and skin analysis customizing this treatment for your unique skin type.


Customized in strength from mild to strong allowing even sensitive skin types to benefit from chemical exfoliation.


A skin resurfacing treatment resulting in skin with a firm and healthy appearance.

Laser Genesis Skincare

Non-ablative skin rejuvenation laser treatments promote collagen production while tightening the skin and balancing skin tone.

Microcurrent Treatments

Microcurrent treatments are used pre and post surgery to improve both muscle and tissue tone, for optimum recovery.

Sun Free Tanning

Maintain a natural glow year round or amp it up a bit, bikini ready for your tropical vacation.

Waxing Services

Many people find waxing a convenient and reliable way to remove unwanted hair.

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Jennifer will develop your own personal skin care regimen to address your unique skin type and recommend what is best for you in order to reveal your best skin.

Schedule Sun Free Tanning and Waxing Services.

A tan without the harmful rays of the sun. Waxing – an alternative to tweezing and shaving.

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