Microcurrent Facial

A Beautiful Image Microcurrent Facial is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art cosmetic treatment which lifts and tones the skin and underlying muscles through the use of mild electrical current.

  • As in the microcurrent body treatments, the goal of this treatment is to tighten, firm, lift and smooth the skin.
  • Microcurrent directly affects circulation increasing ATP (adenosinetriphospate) which is the “life force” of all cells.
  • Microcurrent supports skin correction by encouraging the repair process and again stimulating collagen fibrobasts. 
  • Microcurrent aids in healing pre and post-surgery to improve muscle and other tissue for optimum outcome.  Healthy appearance of skin tissue is restored.
  • Blood circulation is increased by 30% allowing the lymphatic system to rid the tissues of toxins.
  • Collagen production is increased by 500% allowing regeneration of healthy cells and reducing deep lines and lax sagging skin.

90 minutes – $175
12 treatment package – $1800
20 treatment package – $2800

  • Each Microcurrent Facial treatment should be done 72 hours apart for best results.
  • A minimum of 12 treatments is recommended for ideal effectiveness.
  • After you’ve completed your full series of treatments, a maintenance treatment should be done every 6 weeks.

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